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Closure of Free Hosting Accounts 2019-07-07 12:00 by Vimly Digital Team

Free Hosting will be discontinued in 28 days!

We would like to begin this announcement by saying a huge thank you for using our free hosting services over the past few years. Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide these services after August 5th 2019.

Why are we discontinuing free hosting?

We are discontinuing free hosting as a result of the recent cPanel price changes, which have caused our licensing costs to sky rocket by over 900%. The reason behind such an incredibly high price increase is that cPanel is now charging account holders for each cPanel Account at a cost of $0.20 Per Month each beyond the initial 100 provided for $45 Per Month.

Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient contingency funds to cover such a large operating cost increase, particulary as up to this point free hosting has being our primary service.

Are you accepting new orders?

As of July 3rd 2019 Free Hosting services have being removed from all advertising material, and our website has being updated to clearly specify that no outstanding free accounts will be provisioned.

When will my account be deleted?

We plan to terminate all remaining free hosting accounts on August 5th 2019. We can not guarantee backups will be available beyond this date, so please backup your account before then.

What are my options moving forward?

We understand that this situation isn’t ideal, therefore we will be offering effected customers a number of different options outlined below;

1) Upgrade to Paid cPanel Hosting

This option is recommended for small businesses and growing freelancers with a small budget.

Despite the huge cPanel pricing increase, we have being able to keep our paid hosting plans reasonably priced, as the cPanel license cost is already included in the paid hosting price.

Our affordable cPanel Hosting plans start from £2.99 Per Month or £29.90 Per Year to host 2 Websites with 5GB NVME SSD Storage and Unlimited Bandwidth.

We are also happy to provide a 20% recurring discount on any monthly upgrades by using discount code ‘3JKJQL’ at checkout. (Expires 01/10/19).

If you are interested in upgrading to Paid cPanel Hosting please visit Account upgrades will not require migration.

2) Backup Your Account & Find A New Hosting Provider

This option is recommended for those with small personal websites that are unable to afford a paid hosting package.

If you are unable to afford a paid account, we would recommend you backup your account and search for another free web hosting provider before August 5th 2019.

As different providers use different control panels, we recommend taking individual file and database backups, in addition to a whole account backup. We provide full access to the cPanel backup options, so you can make these backups with ease.

Please be aware that you will be unable to use your Free VimlyHost Subdomain with your new hosting provider.

If choosing a new free host is your preferred option, you can find a list of Free Hosting suppliers at

3) Apply for a Hosting Sponsorship

This option is available for charities and non-profit community services.

Our last option is to apply for a web hosting sponsorship. Although anyone can apply for a sponsorship, we will generally only consider applications by charities and non-profit services that benefit the community.

Please email [email protected] if you believe your project would be eligible for a web hosting sponsorship.

We have limited capacity for sponsored websites, therefore we advise you apply as soon as possible.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the options for moving your account forward or about the closure of free hosting accounts, please email [email protected] or submit a ticket to our management team.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the discontinuation of our Free Hosting services and we wish you the best of luck with your website, regardless of how you wish to move forward.

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